Stories of the Past, Enlightening the next generation.


Fasman Yeshiva High School’s senior class has enriched their education on the Holocaust and World War 1 & 2 events by traveling and meeting with holocaust survivors to hear their stories on survival.

After much hard work and dedication, these students have provided an outlet for our elder generation to shed light on their experiences during the Holocaust and on March 26th, we will be hosting a Student Produced Documentary on the stories of 6 individuals who survived one of the worst tragedies one could ever imagine.

Featuring Inspiring interviews with:

Mrs. Barbara Friedman, Debrecen/Chicago

Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Friedman, Romania/NY

Mr. George Horovicz, Mezokovesd/Chicago

Mr. Gary Rubinstein, Wolamin/Chicago

Mrs. Feige Weinstock, Sa’rospatak/NY

Mrs. Ibi Weiss, Munkacs/Chicago